The purpose of this investment is to improve the DocEnt general corporate document management system and make it suitable for international sale. DocEnt is a simple document management system that, on the client side, offers the high-level user experience of a thick client.
Compared to the storage of documents in a shared file system, it offers additional services especially in terms of sophisticated privilege and version management and extensible descriptive data fields.
DocEnt does not include built-in workflow management. The status management of the documents is restricted to lock/unlock and finalize.
The DocEnt system is accessible for registered users only. The software can integrate with the internal directory of the organization (i.e. Active Directory) in which case, identification and log-in will be managed by the directory server.
The privileges for document access are managed by the admin. The admin classifies users into 3 groups with different types of privilege (”reading”, ”writing”, or “all” ) for the directories and specific files of the document library. You can specify whether directory-level privileges can be recursively valid for the sub-directories, too.
For each user, DocEnt manages bookmarks that can point at directories and specific documents to provide quick access to them. Users can add files and directories (with sub-directories and contents) to their own bookmarks. If users get privileges to a directory whose parent directory they do not have access to, then the directory will be placed among the users’ bookmarks to be accessible by them.
DocEnt supports the usual file operations: upload files, create directory, delete and copy files/directories, cut/paste files/directories, rename files/directories, update the displayed contents of a directory.
You can add any number of texted tags to the DocEnt files. Tags are of use when you search for documents.
You can also add any number of attributes to the directories. That makes sense when you wish to classify the texted data added to the files/directories and pre-define the possible values. Attributes (and their possible sets of values) must be previously created by the admin. Only previously created attributes can be added to the files/directories.
Files inherit the compulsory data fields assigned to the directory. When attributes are assigned to a directory, you can select whether
  • to assign the attribute also to the included directories
  • to assign the attribute also to the included files